6 Reasons Why Gas Ovens Are Better Than Electric

Both gas ovens and electric ovens have their pros and cons but here are 6 reasons why gas is best.

1) Better Heat Control

Probably the biggest advantage of gas is the ability to really control the heat of the oven top burners. Having instant heat control is very important. If something is too hot or burning, you can quickly bring the heat down or visa versa. With electric oven tops, this takes time often resulting in some tense cooking moments.

2) Cheaper Running Costs

Another advantage of gas is the cheaper day-to-day running costs compared to the ever-increasing cost of electricity. This is particularly true in Australia.

3) Improved Even Baking Heat Distribution

In the past, gas ovens often weren’t as good for baking as electric ovens as the dispersion of heat was fairly uneven. This has now changed with more modern designs which include fans for perfect distribution of heat inside the oven.

4) Moist and Crispy Baking

In addition the point above, many now argue that the heat produced by gas isn’t as dry as that by electric ovens when baking or roasting. Some say that the food is moister with crispier outsides when cooked with gas. The only way to really determine this is to compare both when at someone else’s house. We’ll leave this point open to debate!

5) Instant Ignition

Another improvement is instant ignition, which now makes lighting a gas stove as easy as lighting an electric one. No more fiddling around with matches or hand-held igniters. Nowadays you just push a button and away you go.

6) Easy to Clean

Remember years ago, when you’d look at a gas top burner and see lots of half-cooked food all caught up in the insides of the burners and beyond? faber cooktop 4 burner Well that’s been taken care now with good quality units having covers directly under the burners so any food that escapes the pan will be collected. These can easily be removed and cleaned.


More recently, a combination of gas stove and electric oven has become quite a popular choice. Typically these models will have gas top burners with a fan-forced electric oven. Whatever model you choose, If you can afford to buy a better model then don’t skimp as it will save you money in the long run. Think of all the fantastic meals you will have and that should inspire you to buy a solid and safe oven for your home.

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